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Saturday, 10 December 2011

how stress you are?

how stress you are friends?
stress?? no one need stress but why a stress still exist in our life?
 sometimes someone can be success in manage their time if she/he in a stress conditions.
i'm not sure...becoz stress make me crazy..haha
how can we handle our stress?
        it is just a smile n laugh then stress will run from us?
i don't want to be a one of stress person~

 don't think that much~
 juz keep as ur challenges.....
stress make me become a failure person!
 i don't want to be one of person that listed on a failure one!

failure? how failure i am today??
failure in my test? quiz? and bla..bla..bla...
should i feel  too down?
no !! come on tell your self that u can do it~
once your are failure is not mean that u will became failure all the times...

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